BelGioioso Parmesan cheese is a popular Italian-style cheese that has been gaining a lot of attention lately. But is it real Let’s take a closer look.

What is BelGioioso Parmesan Cheese

BelGioioso Parmesan cheese is an Italian-style hard cheese made from cow’s milk. It is aged for at least 10 months and has a nutty and buttery flavor. The cheese is typically grated or shaved over pasta dishes, salads, and soups, and can also be enjoyed on its own or with crackers.

Is BelGioioso Parmesan Cheese Real

The short answer is yes, BelGioioso Parmesan cheese is real. It is made using traditional Italian methods and only the finest ingredients. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality and authenticity.

However, there are some concerns that have been raised about the authenticity of certain types of Parmesan cheese, including BelGioioso.

The Issue of Wood Pulp

In 2016, an investigation by Bloomberg News found that some brands of grated Parmesan cheese contained high levels of cellulose – a type of wood pulp – which was being used as a filler to cut costs.

BelGioioso was not one of the brands implicated in the investigation. In fact, the company issued a statement at the time stating that their products did not contain any cellulose or other fillers.

The Importance of PDO Certification

Parmesan cheese that is produced in Italy must meet certain standards in order to be labeled as “Parmigiano Reggiano” – the official name for this type of cheese. This includes using only locally-sourced milk, and adhering to strict production methods and aging requirements.

BelGioioso Parmesan cheese is not produced in Italy, so it cannot be labeled as “Parmigiano Reggiano”. However, the company does hold a certification from the Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano Cheese – a similar type of Italian cheese that is also made from cow’s milk.

The Bottom Line

So, is BelGioioso Parmesan cheese real Yes, it is.

While there have been concerns about the authenticity of some Parmesan cheeses in recent years, BelGioioso has not been implicated in any such issues. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality and authenticity, and their products are made using only the finest ingredients.

Whether you’re grating it over your favorite pasta dish or enjoying it on its own with a glass of wine, you can feel confident that BelGioioso Parmesan cheese is the real deal.