Who Owns Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce?

If you are a fan of barbecue sauce, chances are you have come across Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce at some point. This delicious and tangy sauce has gained popularity among barbecue enthusiasts worldwide.

But have you ever wondered who owns Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce? Let’s dive into the fascinating story behind this mouthwatering sauce.

The Founding of Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce

Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce was founded in 1992 by two friends, Chad Walldorf and Todd Eischeid. What started as a small restaurant in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, quickly became a local favorite for its finger-licking good barbecue dishes and, of course, their signature sauce.

The Secret Recipe

One of the reasons why Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce stands out from the crowd is its secret recipe. The founders spent years perfecting the unique blend of flavors that make up their iconic sauce. Combining sweet and smoky notes with a hint of tanginess, this sauce is perfect for basting, dipping, or even slathering on sandwiches.

Over time, the secret recipe became one of the key factors contributing to the success of Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce. It became so popular that customers started requesting to purchase bottles of the sauce to enjoy at home.

Expansion and Acquisition

In 2000, Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce took a significant step towards expansion when it partnered with Darden Restaurants Inc., one of the largest restaurant companies in the United States. This partnership allowed Sticky Fingers to reach a wider audience by introducing their sauce in various Darden-owned restaurants across the country.

However, in 2016, Darden Restaurants decided to focus on its core brands and divest some of its other businesses, including Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce. This led to the acquisition of Sticky Fingers by a private investment group called Cafe Enterprises Inc.

The Cafe Enterprises Era

Under the ownership of Cafe Enterprises Inc., Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce continued to thrive. The company recognized the brand’s potential and invested in expanding its distribution network. Today, you can find Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce not only in grocery stores but also in specialty food retailers and online platforms.

The Present Day

The current owner of Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce, Cafe Enterprises Inc., remains committed to maintaining the sauce’s high quality and unique flavor. With a dedicated team of sauce enthusiasts, they continue to ensure that every bottle of Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce lives up to its reputation.

What’s Next for Sticky Fingers?

As of now, it is uncertain what the future holds for Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce. However, based on its enduring popularity and loyal customer base, it is safe to say that this delicious sauce will continue to be a staple in many households and restaurants for years to come.

In conclusion, while the ownership of Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce has changed over the years, its commitment to delivering exceptional flavor has remained constant. Whether you enjoy it as a marinade, dipping sauce, or condiment on your favorite barbecue dishes, you can always count on Sticky Fingers BBQ Sauce to add that extra tangy kick!