Are you a fan of BBQ sauce? If yes, then you must have heard about Dickeys, the American BBQ restaurant chain that is famous for its delicious smoked meats and savory sauces. In this article, we will discuss what kind of BBQ sauce Dickeys has and why it’s so special.

What is Dickeys BBQ Sauce?

Dickeys BBQ Sauce is a tangy and sweet sauce that is made with a blend of spices, vinegar, tomato paste, and molasses. It has a smooth texture and a rich flavor that perfectly complements the smoky taste of their meats.

Ingredients of Dickeys BBQ Sauce

  • Tomato Paste
  • Vinegar
  • Molasses
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Natural Smoke Flavor
  • Spices

The combination of these ingredients gives Dickeys BBQ sauce its unique taste. The tomato paste provides the base for the sauce while vinegar adds tanginess to it. The molasses adds sweetness to balance out the flavors while natural smoke flavor gives it an authentic smoky taste.

Types of Dickeys BBQ Sauce

Dickeys offers four types of BBQ sauce – Original, Sweet, Spicy, and Carolina-style. Each type has its own unique flavor profile that caters to different taste buds.

Original: The Original BBQ sauce by Dickeys is a classic blend with the right amount of sweetness and tanginess.

Sweet: As the name suggests, Sweet BBQ sauce by Dickeys is sweeter than the original with more emphasis on molasses.

Spicy: If you like your food hot and spicy, then Dickeys Spicy BBQ sauce is perfect for you. It has a kick of heat that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Carolina-style: This sauce is a blend of mustard and vinegar that gives it a tangy and savory taste. It’s perfect for those who prefer less sweetness in their BBQ sauce.

What Makes Dickeys BBQ Sauce Special?

Dickeys BBQ sauce is special because of its flavor, texture, and versatility. It’s not just limited to being a condiment for meats but can also be used as a dipping sauce or marinade. The balance of sweetness and tanginess makes it perfect for any dish whether it’s ribs, brisket, or pulled pork.

In conclusion, Dickeys BBQ sauce is a must-try for all BBQ lovers. Its unique flavor profile and versatility make it stand out from other sauces in the market. So next time you visit Dickeys, don’t forget to try their delicious smoked meats with their signature BBQ sauce!