Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce is known for its mouthwatering flavor and rich, tangy taste. If you’re a fan of this delectable sauce, you may be wondering what ingredients give it that irresistible smoky flavor. In this article, we’ll explore the key ingredients that make Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce a crowd favorite.

The Key Ingredients

Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce is crafted using a unique blend of high-quality ingredients that come together to create its signature taste. Let’s take a closer look at what goes into making this delicious barbecue sauce:

Tomato Paste

One of the primary ingredients in Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce is tomato paste. This thick and concentrated form of tomatoes provides the base for the sauce and gives it its rich, red color.

Brown Sugar

To add a touch of sweetness to the sauce, brown sugar is used. The caramel-like flavor of brown sugar complements the smoky notes and balances out the tanginess.


Molasses, a byproduct of sugarcane or sugar beets, brings depth and complexity to Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce. It enhances the sweetness while adding a distinct richness to the overall flavor profile.

Distilled Vinegar

For that characteristic tanginess, Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce includes distilled vinegar. Vinegar not only adds acidity but also helps tenderize meat when used as a marinade.


Mustard adds a unique twist to Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce. Its sharp and tangy flavor complements the smoky undertones while giving the sauce an extra kick.


A blend of spices is carefully selected to give Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce its well-rounded and savory taste. While the exact spice mix remains a closely guarded secret, it’s safe to say that a combination of herbs and spices adds depth and complexity to the sauce.

Natural Smoke Flavor

To achieve that irresistible smoky taste, Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce incorporates natural smoke flavor. This ingredient infuses the sauce with a subtle smokiness, reminiscent of slow-cooked barbecue.


Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce is a harmonious blend of tomato paste, brown sugar, molasses, distilled vinegar, mustard, spices, and natural smoke flavor. Each ingredient has a vital role in creating the distinctive flavor that has made this sauce so beloved by barbecue enthusiasts worldwide.

Next time you enjoy Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce on your favorite grilled meats or as a dipping sauce, you can appreciate the careful selection and combination of these ingredients that make it truly special.

So fire up your grill, get some ribs or chicken ready, and slather on some Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce for an unforgettable barbecue experience!