Are you a barbecue enthusiast in Canada searching for the ultimate BBQ sauce? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore some of the best BBQ sauces available in Canada. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with bold flavors, tangy undertones, and a hint of smokiness. Let’s dive right in!

1. Montreal Steak Spice BBQ Sauce

If you’re a fan of Montreal Steak Spice seasoning, you’ll love this BBQ sauce.

Packed with a punchy blend of spices like garlic, black pepper, and paprika, this sauce adds a unique twist to your grilled meats. Its thick consistency helps it cling to every juicy bite.

2. Maple Bacon BBQ Sauce

For those who enjoy the combination of sweet and savory flavors, Maple Bacon BBQ sauce is a must-try. Made with real Canadian maple syrup and smoky bacon bits, this sauce offers a delightful balance that enhances the natural flavors of your barbecue.


  • Brush it onto chicken wings for a sticky glaze.
  • Add it to pulled pork for an extra layer of richness.
  • Serve it alongside grilled sausages for a burst of flavor.

3. Smokey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

If you prefer your BBQ sauce with a spicy kick, Smokey Chipotle is the way to go. The smoky chipotle peppers blended with tomatoes and spices create a fiery yet balanced flavor profile that pairs perfectly with grilled meats or even as a dipping sauce for fries.

4. Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce

Combining the tanginess of mustard with the sweetness of honey, this BBQ sauce is a crowd-pleaser. Its smooth texture and vibrant taste make it an excellent choice for glazing chicken breasts or drizzling over grilled vegetables.


  • Mix equal parts Dijon mustard and honey in a bowl.
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for a zesty twist.
  • Brush it onto your favorite grilled foods for a burst of flavor.

5. Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce

For those who crave a touch of sophistication in their BBQ sauce, Tennessee Whiskey BBQ sauce is an ideal choice. Infused with the rich flavors of aged whiskey, this sauce adds depth and complexity to your barbecue creations.

Serving Suggestion:

  • Pair it with slow-cooked ribs for an unforgettable feast.
  • Use it as a dipping sauce for smoked brisket sliders.
  • Brush it onto grilled salmon fillets for an elevated seafood experience.

No matter which BBQ sauce you choose, these options are sure to elevate your grilling game. Experiment with different flavors and find your personal favorite. Happy barbecuing!

Note: Make sure to check the ingredient list if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies before purchasing any BBQ sauce mentioned above. Enjoy responsibly!