If you’re a meat lover and enjoy grilling, you’ve likely heard of flank steak. This cut of beef is known for its rich flavor and versatility in the kitchen. However, if you’re shopping at Meijer, you may be wondering what flank steak is called there.

At Meijer, flank steak is often labeled as “London Broil.” While this may be confusing to some customers, it’s important to note that London Broil is not a specific cut of meat. Instead, it’s a cooking method that involves marinating and broiling a tough cut of beef to make it more tender.

Flank steak happens to be one of the best cuts of meat for this preparation method. Its long, flat shape makes it easy to marinate and cook quickly at high heat. Plus, its strong beefy flavor pairs well with bold marinades and seasonings.

If you’re looking for flank steak at Meijer, simply head to the meat section and look for packages labeled “London Broil.” It’s important to note that not all cuts labeled as London Broil are made from flank steak. Some Supermarkets may use top round or sirloin instead.

To ensure you’re getting actual flank steak, look for packages that specifically state “flank steak” on the label. This will help avoid any confusion or disappointment when preparing your meal.

When cooking flank steak, it’s important to remember a few key tips. First, make sure to marinate the meat for several hours before cooking. This will help tenderize the tough muscle fibers and infuse flavor into the beef.

Next, preheat your grill or broiler on high heat before cooking the flank steak. Cook for 4-6 minutes on each side until medium-rare or medium doneness is achieved. Finally, let the meat rest for a few minutes before slicing against the grain.

In conclusion, if you’re shopping at Meijer and looking for flank steak, keep an eye out for packages labeled as “London Broil.” While this may be confusing at first, it’s simply a different name for the same cut of beef. With the right preparation and cooking techniques, flank steak can make a delicious and satisfying meal.