What Has Happened to KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce?

BBQ lovers everywhere have been wondering what has happened to the iconic KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce. Once a staple in every grill master’s pantry, this beloved sauce seems to have disappeared from store shelves. So, what exactly is going on?

The Original Recipe

KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce was first introduced in Kansas City in 1978. Its unique blend of flavors and thick, rich texture quickly made it a favorite among barbecue enthusiasts. The original recipe combined tangy tomatoes, sweet molasses, and a secret blend of spices that gave it a distinctive taste.

A Change in Ownership

In 2010, KC Masterpiece was acquired by the Clorox Company, which also owns other popular brands like Hidden Valley Ranch and Glad. This change in ownership brought about some changes to the recipe and packaging of the sauce.

New Varieties

Under Clorox’s ownership, KC Masterpiece introduced new varieties of BBQ sauce to appeal to a wider audience. Flavors like Honey Teriyaki, Sweet Honey Bourbon, and Fiery Habanero became available alongside the original recipe.

Updated Packaging

The iconic glass bottle with a brown label was replaced with a plastic squeeze bottle featuring a red label. While this change made the sauce more convenient to use, some fans missed the nostalgic feel of the original packaging.

A Shift in Focus

Over time, it seemed that KC Masterpiece started putting more emphasis on its newer varieties rather than its classic original recipe. The brand began promoting limited edition flavors and collaborations with celebrity chefs.

New Marketing Campaigns

To attract younger consumers, KC Masterpiece launched new marketing campaigns that highlighted the versatility of their sauce. Recipes featuring the sauce as a marinade, dip, or glaze were shared on social media platforms.

Competition in the Market

The BBQ sauce market became increasingly competitive with the emergence of new brands and flavors. This may have contributed to KC Masterpiece’s decision to diversify its product line and focus on capturing a broader customer base.

Where Can You Find It Now?

While it may not be as prominent as it once was, KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce can still be found in many grocery stores and online retailers. The original recipe, as well as the newer varieties, are available for purchase.

Online Retailers

If you’re having trouble finding KC Masterpiece in your local grocery store, you can always turn to online retailers like Amazon or Walmart.com. They offer a wide selection of BBQ sauces, including KC Masterpiece.

Specialty Stores

You might also have luck finding KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce in specialty stores that focus on grilling and barbecue supplies. These stores often carry a variety of sauces from different brands.

The Legacy Lives On

Despite the changes and challenges faced by KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce over the years, its legacy continues to live on. Many loyal fans still swear by its original recipe and consider it a must-have for their backyard cookouts.

In conclusion,

KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce has undergone some changes since its introduction in 1978. A change in ownership led to new varieties and updated packaging.

The brand shifted its focus towards newer flavors and marketing campaigns while facing increased competition in the market. However, the iconic sauce can still be found in grocery stores and online retailers. The legacy of KC Masterpiece lives on, and its original recipe remains a favorite among barbecue enthusiasts.