Are you planning a barbecue party but don’t have any BBQ sauce on hand? Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives you can use to add flavor to your meat. Here are some options for what you can use instead of BBQ sauce:

1. Homemade Sauce

Why not make your own BBQ sauce?

It’s easy and fun to experiment with different flavors. Mix together ketchup, molasses, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, and spices such as garlic powder and paprika. Simmer the mixture on low heat until it thickens.

2. Hot Sauce

If you like spicy food, hot sauce is a great option for adding flavor to your meat. Choose your favorite hot sauce or mix together a few different ones for a unique flavor.

3. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is a flavorful alternative to BBQ sauce.

It adds an umami taste that complements grilled meat well. Combine soy sauce with honey or brown sugar for added sweetness.

4. Mustard

Mustard is another condiment that works well as a substitute for BBQ sauce. Use Dijon mustard for a tangy flavor or honey mustard for added sweetness.

5. Fruit Jam

Fruit jam can also be used as a glaze for grilled meat. Apricot jam works well with pork, while raspberry jam complements chicken.

6. Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is another great alternative that adds an Asian-inspired twist to your barbecue meal. Combine teriyaki sauce with garlic and ginger for added flavor.

  • TIP: Remember to brush the alternative sauce onto the meat during the last few minutes of grilling so that it doesn’t burn.
  • TIP: Experiment with different combinations of sauces to find your own unique flavor.


There are plenty of options available if you don’t have any BBQ sauce on hand. From homemade sauce to hot sauce, fruit jam to teriyaki sauce, there’s a substitute for everyone’s taste. So go ahead and try something new at your next barbecue party!