When it comes to making the perfect spaghetti sauce, choosing the right tomatoes is key. The flavor, texture, and acidity of the tomatoes can greatly affect the taste of your sauce. In this article, we will explore some of the best tomatoes for making spaghetti sauce and how they can elevate your dish to new heights.

San Marzano Tomatoes

If you ask any Italian chef or home cook about the best tomatoes for spaghetti sauce, San Marzano tomatoes are likely to be at the top of their list. These tomatoes are grown in the rich volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius in Italy and are known for their sweet flavor and low acidity. San Marzano tomatoes have a firm texture and are less watery compared to other varieties, making them perfect for thick and rich sauces.

Pro tip: Look for certified San Marzano tomatoes with a DOP (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta) seal on the can or packaging to ensure their authenticity.

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes, also known as Italian plum tomatoes, are another excellent choice for making spaghetti sauce. These tomatoes have a dense flesh and fewer seeds, giving them a meatier texture. Roma tomatoes have a slightly higher acidity compared to San Marzanos but still offer a robust flavor that pairs well with garlic, onions, and herbs commonly used in spaghetti sauce recipes.


  • Amish Paste: A variety of Roma tomato known for its exceptional taste and versatility.
  • Sausalito: A hybrid Roma tomato that offers disease resistance and high yields.

Heirloom Tomatoes

If you’re seeking unique flavors and vibrant colors in your spaghetti sauce, consider using heirloom tomatoes. These tomatoes come in a wide range of varieties, each with its own distinct taste and appearance. From the rich and smoky Black Krim to the sweet and tangy Brandywine, heirloom tomatoes can add depth and complexity to your sauce.

Popular heirloom tomato varieties for spaghetti sauce:

  • San Marzano Redorta: A larger-sized San Marzano variety with a slightly sweeter flavor.
  • Mortgage Lifter: Known for its large size and meaty texture, this tomato is perfect for hearty sauces.

In conclusion, choosing the best tomatoes for making spaghetti sauce can make a world of difference in the flavor and texture of your dish. Whether you opt for the sweet and low-acidity San Marzano tomatoes, the meaty Roma tomatoes, or the unique flavors of heirloom varieties, each option offers its own distinct qualities. Experiment with different types of tomatoes to find the perfect combination that suits your taste preferences and take your spaghetti sauce to new heights.

Happy cooking!