If you are a fan of BBQ sauce, then you might have heard of Maull’s BBQ Sauce. It is a St. Louis-based barbecue sauce brand that has been around since 1926. Over the years, Maull’s has gained a loyal following for its sweet and tangy flavor, making it a popular choice among BBQ enthusiasts.

However, over time, some people have been wondering if Maull’s BBQ Sauce is still being made. The good news is that Maull’s BBQ Sauce is still being produced and sold today.

Maull’s BBQ Sauce comes in several varieties, including Original, Sweet n’ Smoky, Honey Flavor, and Tangy Mustard. Each variety has its unique taste that caters to different preferences.

Maull’s Original BBQ Sauce is the classic version that started it all. It has a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors that go well with any grilled or smoked meat. The Sweet n’ Smoky variety adds a smoky flavor to the mix for those who prefer their sauce to have a little more depth.

The Honey Flavor variety adds a touch of honey for those who want their sauce to be sweeter than the original recipe. And finally, the Tangy Mustard variety is perfect for those who prefer their sauce to be more on the tangy side with mustard notes.

When it comes to availability, Maull’s BBQ Sauce can be found in many grocery stores across the United States or ordered online through their official website or other retailers like Amazon.

In conclusion, fans of Maull’s BBQ Sauce can rest easy knowing that this beloved brand is still being made and enjoyed by many today. With its range of flavors and availability in stores and online retailers, there’s no reason not to try this classic St. Louis-style barbecue sauce for yourself!