Grilled flank steak is a popular dish among meat lovers, known for its tender and juicy texture. It’s a versatile cut that can be seasoned in many ways and pairs well with various side dishes.

But have you ever wondered how many calories are in grilled flank steak? Let’s explore this topic further.

What is Flank Steak?

Flank steak is a cut of beef that comes from the abdominal area of the cow. It’s a lean cut of meat that’s known for its rich and beefy flavor. Flank steak is also relatively affordable compared to other cuts of beef, making it a popular choice among consumers.

How Many Calories are in Grilled Flank Steak?

The number of calories in grilled flank steak varies depending on the size of the serving and how it’s prepared. On average, a 3-ounce serving of grilled flank steak contains approximately 170-180 calories. However, this number can go up or down depending on the seasoning and marinade used.

If you’re looking to reduce your calorie intake, there are several things you can do to make your grilled flank steak healthier. One option is to trim off any excess fat before cooking. This will reduce the overall calorie count while still preserving the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

Another option is to use low-calorie seasonings and marinades when preparing your flank steak. For example, instead of using a heavy BBQ sauce or marinade with added sugars, try using a simple mixture of olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Other Nutritional Information

In addition to calories, grilled flank steak also contains several essential nutrients that are important for overall health. These include:

  • Protein: Flank steak is an excellent source of protein, with each 3-ounce serving containing approximately 23 grams.
  • Iron: Flank steak is also rich in iron, which is essential for maintaining healthy blood cells and preventing anemia.
  • Zinc: Another important nutrient found in flank steak is zinc, which plays a role in immune function and wound healing.

Tips for Grilling Flank Steak

If you’re planning to grill flank steak, here are some tips to ensure it turns out perfectly:

  • Marinate: Marinating your flank steak before grilling can help enhance the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Try using a mixture of olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper for a simple yet flavorful marinade.
  • Cooking Temperature: To achieve the perfect level of doneness, it’s essential to cook your flank steak at the right temperature.

    For medium-rare steak, aim for an internal temperature of 135°F. For medium steak, aim for 145°F.

  • Slice Against the Grain: To ensure maximum tenderness, it’s important to slice your flank steak against the grain. This means cutting perpendicular to the lines that run through the meat.

In Conclusion

Grilled flank steak can be a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal. While it does contain calories, there are several things you can do to make it healthier without sacrificing flavor or tenderness. By following these tips and tricks, you can enjoy this tasty cut of meat while still maintaining a healthy diet.