Does Rudy’s Sell BBQ Sauce?

If you’re a fan of barbecue, chances are you’ve heard of Rudy’s. Known for their mouthwatering smoked meats and savory side dishes, Rudy’s is a go-to destination for BBQ lovers.

But what about their famous BBQ sauce? Do they sell it separately so you can enjoy that signature flavor at home? Let’s find out!

What Makes Rudy’s BBQ Sauce Special?

Rudy’s BBQ sauce is a delicious blend of tangy, sweet, and smoky flavors. It perfectly complements their slow-cooked meats and adds an extra layer of indulgence to any dish. Whether you’re slathering it on ribs, dipping chicken tenders, or using it as a marinade, Rudy’s BBQ sauce is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Where Can You Get Rudy’s BBQ Sauce?

Lucky for all the barbecue enthusiasts out there, Rudy’s does sell their famous BBQ sauce separately! You can find it at any Rudy’s location or order it online from their official website. They offer different sizes ranging from small bottles to gallon jugs, so you can choose the right quantity based on your needs.

Visiting a Rudy’s Location

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Rudy’s location, consider yourself fortunate! Not only can you enjoy their mouthwatering barbecue on-site, but you can also stock up on their BBQ sauce to enjoy at home.

Simply head to the counter and ask for their bottled sauces section. You’ll find Rudy’s Original BBQ Sauce proudly displayed alongside other tasty options.

Ordering Online

If there isn’t a Rudy’s near you or if convenience is your top priority, ordering online is the way to go. Visit the official Rudy’s website and navigate to their online store.

Look for the section dedicated to their sauces, and you’ll find options to add Rudy’s BBQ sauce to your cart. It’s as easy as a few clicks, and soon you’ll have that fantastic flavor delivered right to your doorstep.

Other Rudy’s Products

Rudy’s doesn’t just stop at their mouthwatering BBQ sauce. They offer a range of other products to enhance your barbecue experience.

From rubs and seasonings to gift sets and apparel, there’s something for every BBQ lover. So, if you’re looking to take your grilling game up a notch, don’t forget to check out the additional offerings from Rudy’s.


So, the answer is yes – Rudy’s does sell BBQ sauce! Whether you visit one of their locations or order online, you can enjoy that delicious tangy, sweet, and smoky flavor in the comfort of your own home.

Don’t forget to explore their other products as well; they might just become staples in your barbecue arsenal. Happy grilling!