Does Papa Murphy’s Have Alfredo Sauce?

If you’re a fan of the delicious and mouth-watering Alfredo sauce, you might be wondering if Papa Murphy’s, the popular take-and-bake pizza chain, offers this creamy and savory sauce as one of their menu options. In this article, we will explore whether Papa Murphy’s has Alfredo sauce and provide you with all the details you need to know.

The Menu at Papa Murphy’s

Before we dive into the specifics of Papa Murphy’s sauces, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with their menu offerings. Papa Murphy’s is known for its unique concept where customers can order custom-made pizzas with fresh ingredients and take them home to bake in their own ovens. The menu features a variety of classic and specialty pizzas, along with salads, sides, and desserts.

A Closer Look at Papa Murphy’s Sauces

Now that we understand the basics of Papa Murphy’s menu, let’s explore their selection of sauces. While traditional red tomato sauce is a staple at most pizza establishments, Papa Murphy’s takes it up a notch by offering a few different sauce options to cater to various preferences.

1. Original Red Sauce

The Original Red Sauce is the classic pizza sauce that has been loved by many for years. It is made from ripe tomatoes blended with special spices to create a tangy and flavorful base for your pizza.

2. Creamy Garlic Sauce

If you’re looking for something different from the traditional tomato-based sauce, Papa Murphy’s offers a delicious Creamy Garlic Sauce. This smooth and garlicky option adds a creamy twist to your pizza creation.

3. Olive Oil & Garlic Sauce

For those who prefer a lighter and less saucy option, Papa Murphy’s Olive Oil & Garlic Sauce is a great alternative. This sauce adds a subtle but delightful flavor to your pizza, letting the other toppings shine.

So, Does Papa Murphy’s Have Alfredo Sauce?

Unfortunately, if you’re specifically looking for Alfredo sauce at Papa Murphy’s, you might be disappointed. Alfredo sauce is not currently listed as one of the sauce options on their menu. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and customize your pizza with a similar flavor profile.

If you’re craving the creamy goodness of Alfredo sauce, consider using Papa Murphy’s Creamy Garlic Sauce as a base. This rich and flavorful sauce can serve as an excellent substitute for Alfredo sauce. Pair it with your favorite toppings like chicken, mushrooms, or spinach to create a delicious and unique pizza experience.

In Conclusion

Papa Murphy’s offers a variety of delicious sauces to enhance your take-and-bake pizza experience. While they don’t have Alfredo sauce on their menu, you can still enjoy the creamy goodness by using their Creamy Garlic Sauce as a substitute. So go ahead and get creative with your toppings and sauces to personalize your perfect pizza!

  • Papa Murphy’s has three main sauces: Original Red Sauce, Creamy Garlic Sauce, and Olive Oil & Garlic Sauce.
  • Alfredo sauce is not currently available at Papa Murphy’s.
  • You can use Papa Murphy’s Creamy Garlic Sauce as an alternative for Alfredo sauce.