When it comes to finger-lickin’ good chicken, KFC is often the first choice for many. With its secret blend of herbs and spices, KFC has managed to create a unique taste that keeps customers coming back for more.

But what about their sauces? Specifically, does KFC have BBQ sauce? Let’s dive into this saucy topic and find out!

The Quest for the Perfect BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce is a staple condiment for many barbecue enthusiasts. Its tangy and smoky flavors add a delectable touch to any grilled or fried dish. So, naturally, fans of KFC’s famous chicken wonder if they offer a BBQ sauce option.

The Answer: Yes!

KFC does indeed offer BBQ sauce as one of their dipping sauce options. This savory and sweet sauce complements their crispy chicken perfectly. Whether you prefer the Original Recipe or the Extra Crispy version, adding some BBQ sauce can take your meal to another level.

How to Enjoy KFC’s BBQ Sauce


If you’re a fan of dipping your chicken into sauces, then you’re in luck! Simply order your favorite KFC meal, ask for some BBQ sauce on the side, and dip away. The combination of flavors will leave your taste buds singing with joy.


If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add some extra flavor to your homemade grilled or fried chicken, KFC’s BBQ sauce can be used as a basting sauce as well. Brush it onto your chicken during the cooking process to infuse it with that irresistible smoky taste.

Other Sauces Offered by KFC

KFC is known for its wide variety of sauces, catering to different tastes and preferences. Alongside the BBQ sauce, some other popular options include:

  • Original Recipe Sauce: A classic choice that pairs well with KFC’s Original Recipe chicken.
  • Honey Mustard Sauce: For those who crave a tangy and sweet flavor combination.
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce: A delightful blend of fruity and tangy flavors that adds a unique twist to your meal.

These sauces can be purchased individually or as part of KFC’s sauce variety packs, allowing you to try different combinations with every visit.

In Conclusion

KFC understands the importance of offering a range of sauces to enhance the dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of their crispy chicken or simply enjoy saucy delights, KFC’s BBQ sauce is definitely worth a try. So, next time you find yourself at KFC, remember to grab some BBQ sauce and let your taste buds savor the smoky goodness!