Are you a fan of Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce? Do you find yourself wondering if they still make it?

Well, the short answer is yes, they do still make Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce. But let’s dive into the details.

History of Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce

Jack Daniel’s is known for its famous Tennessee whiskey, but did you know that they also have a line of BBQ sauces? The first Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce was introduced in 1992 by the B&G Foods company. It quickly became a popular choice for barbecue enthusiasts and fans of the iconic whiskey brand.

Types of Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce

There are currently four different types of Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce available:

Original No. 7 Recipe

This is the classic flavor that started it all. It has a smoky and sweet taste with hints of whiskey.

Smooth Original

This variation on the original recipe has a smoother texture and less smoky flavor.

Honey Smokehouse

As the name suggests, this BBQ sauce has a sweet honey flavor with a smoky finish.

Tennessee Honey

This newer addition to the line combines the flavors of honey and whiskey for a unique taste.

  • Note: Not all stores carry every variety, so be sure to check with your local retailer or online.

Where to Find Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce

Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce can be found at many major retailers across the United States as well as online. Some stores may only carry certain varieties, so it may be worth checking around or ordering online if you’re looking for a specific flavor.

  • Note: Availability may vary by location and retailer.


So, to answer the question – yes, they still make Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce. With its various flavors and availability at many retailers, it’s no wonder why it has remained a popular choice for barbecue enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of the classic smoky flavor or looking to try something new with Tennessee Honey, there’s a Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce for everyone.