If you’re a meat lover living in Australia, you may have wondered if flank steak is available here. Flank steak is a cut of beef that comes from the lower abdominal area of the cow. It’s a lean and flavorful cut that’s popular in many cuisines around the world, including Mexican and Korean.

So, can you buy flank steak in Australia? The answer is yes, but it may not be as easy to find as some other cuts of beef. Most Supermarkets in Australia don’t typically stock flank steak, but you can usually find it at specialty butcher shops or online meat retailers.

One reason why flank steak isn’t as widely available in Australia is that it’s not a traditional cut of meat in Australian cuisine. Aussies tend to prefer cuts like sirloin, ribeye, and rump steak for their barbecues and grilling.

However, if you’re determined to try cooking with flank steak or have a recipe that calls for it specifically, there are several options for sourcing it in Australia.

Specialty Butchers:

Many specialty butchers across Australia carry flank steak. These butchers often source their meat from small-scale producers who prioritize quality over quantity. Visit your local butcher shop and ask them if they have any flank steak available or if they can order some for you.

Online Meat Retailers:

Another option for buying flank steak in Australia is to order it online from a reputable meat retailer. Many online retailers specialize in high-quality cuts of meat like wagyu beef and grass-fed beef. You can usually find flank steak listed alongside other cuts on their websites.

Farmers’ Markets:

If you live near a farmers’ market or food co-op, check out the stands selling locally-raised beef. While not all farmers’ market vendors will carry flank steak specifically, many will have lesser-known cuts like hanger steak or skirt steak that can be used similarly.

When preparing flank steak, keep in mind that it’s a lean cut of meat and can be tough if overcooked. Marinating the steak before cooking and slicing it thinly against the grain can help make it more tender and delicious.

In conclusion, while flank steak may not be as commonly found in Australia as other cuts of beef, it is available if you know where to look. Consider visiting a specialty butcher, ordering online from a reputable retailer, or checking out local farmers’ markets to get your hands on this flavorful cut.